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Do I have to submit any documents annually?

Yes- you must provide a number of documents following your “Annual Reference Date” (ARD). This date is usually the last day of the month your company was incorporated and occurs each year, it is the date that your financial years ends where the accounts are not made up. You have 9 months from your ARD to return the following documentation to the Companies House.

  • Abbreviated accounts- the deadline is 9 months and 1 day from the year end.

You will also need to submit the following documents to HM Revenue and Customs:

  • Full accounts.
  • CT600 – This is a corporation tax return, the deadline for payment for corporation tax is 9 months and 1 day from the year end.

Plus you’ll have to make a few submissions here and there to HMRC every so often; however most things are fairly straight forward and your accountant will help you at every stage.