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How do I pay HM Revenue and Customs?

To pay HMRC there are 6 methods which they recommend using to ensure your payment reaches them.
HMRC recommend payment methods 1-5 below, these are the most secure and efficient.

  1. By direct debit: You will need to set this up through and select paye for employers and the do it online menu. Log in on the welcome to the online service page and select Direct Debit payment from the Main Menu. If you are a new user you first have to register and enrol for the PAYE for Employers service.
  2. Direct payment: Use the internet, telephone, BACS Direct Credit or CHAPS to make payment. Provide your bank or building society with the payment amount, HMRC bank account details and your Accounts Office reference.
  3. BillPay: You can pay by Debit Card or Credit Card over the Internet. Visit and follow their guidance.
  4. Your bank: If your bank offers this service, take the payslip and payment to any branch of your bank. Any cheque must be drawn from your bank and made payable to ‘HM Revenue and Customs only’. Other banks may refuse to accept payment.
  5. Post office: Take your Employer Payslip Booklet along with your payment to any participating Post Office. If paying by cheque, make your cheque payable to ‘Post Office LTD’. The post office will also accept payment by Debit Card.
  6. By post – If you use this method:
  • Make your cheque payable to ‘HM Revenue and Customs only’.
  • Include your payslip reference after ‘HM Revenue and Customs only’.
  • Send the payslip and your cheque, both unfolded, to the Accounts Office.
  • A stamp for the correct postage is required.