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Is it better to send it by post or do it online?

In 2009 over 5.8 million people filed their Tax Returns online, and this was a record total with a 50% increase on 2008. There are many benefits to doing it like this, and accountants will also usually do it this way also if you provide the information on time. In summary, these benefits include:

  • No hassle with paperwork.
  • No danger of it getting ‘lost in the post’.
  • You get an extra three months to complete the Tax Return.
  • You receive an immediate acknowledgement, so you know it’s arrived safely.
  • You can save the form as you go along, so you don’t have to complete it all in one sitting.
  • HMRC software can automatically calculate your tax for you.
  • If you are owed any money by HMRC, you’re more likely to get it sooner because your form should be processed more quickly!

If you are sending your Tax Return by post, make sure you double-check that you’ve signed and dated everything, and that you have included all of the additional pages you need to. This is essential, whether you have completed the forms or whether an accountant has done so on your behalf. It’s still ultimately your responsibility to make sure you have sent in everything that you need to send.

And finally, remember to take a photocopy of the whole thing in case it gets lost in the post. You accountant should do this as standard, but if you’ve completed it yourself then this is vital. HMRC won’t acknowledge that they have received your forms, but they will let you know when everything has been processed.