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What forms are included in a Self-Assessment Tax Return?

Self- Assessment Tax Returns are designed to be relatively straight forward, although most people opt to use an accountant. The forms you need to fill in if you are self-employed are as follows:

  • HMRC will send you a tax return- or a letter telling you to file online, every year in April. This relates to the previous tax year; from the 6th April to the following 5th April. If you receive a tax return,
  • HMRC will always send you form SA100 and SA101. You may also have to file in some supplementary pages, depending on your circumstances.

For example:

  • If self employed either pages SA103S, if your annual turnover was below ¬£68,000 or SA103F is your turnover was over ¬£77,000.
  • If self employed in a business partnership you will also need to complete either SA104S (for partnerships that have only trading income) or SA104F (for all other types of partnership income). These forms detail your share of the partnerships profit and loss.