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5 email lists that every freelancer or contractor should sign up to

In the world of freelancing and contracting, your email inbox can become something of a busy place. From client briefs to event invites, it tends to be the hub of any small business.
These mailing lists will help you get a daily dose of information and inspiration to your inbox, without the waffle.


Seth Godin
Marketing genius and exceptional all-round thinker Seth Godin’s regularly updated blog is a goldmine of business acumen and behavioural economics. Best of all, his articles can be delivered directly to your inbox via his newsletter.

You can elect to receive daily blog updates or less frequent newsletter round-ups. Both are worth signing up for.

Get it to your inbox here.


The Guardian Morning Briefing
Staying up to date on current affairs outside of your business bubble is essential. But do you have time to flick through the broadsheets or trawl your favoured news provider’s site every day? Probably not.

Instead, have all the latest world news sat in your inbox at 6am every morning with The Guardian Morning Briefing. You can read it over breakfast and be fully informed for the day.

Sign up here.


Double Your Freelancing E-Course
Less of a regular newsletter and more of an online business transformation tool, this email course is a great way to fine-tune your business practices for more income.

Created by freelancing expert Brennan Dunn, this course is perfect for those just starting on their freelancing journey. It covers off a host of questions, all targeted towards helping you improve your billings. It’s totally free, too!

Get more information here.


Austin Kleon
Author and designer Austin Kleon has written several best selling books around the subjects of creativity and inspiration. In his beautifully curated weekly newsletters, Kleon selects ten things he thinks are worth sharing and provides a line of explanation with each link.

It’s focused, inspiring, and definitely worth a spot in your inbox.

Check out the newsletter here.


Easy Accountancy
Okay, this one might be a bit biased. But, without wishing to blow our own trumpet, the Easy Accountancy newsletter is jam-packed with resources, news, and advice that any freelancer or contractor will find valuable.

Like all the other great newsletters listed above, we’ll never spam you or share your personal data without your permission.

Sign up to our newsletter here, and get your brain filled with expert guidance.


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