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  • The complete guide to contracting

    Our spotlight partner SJD has produced a handy guide covering everything you need to know about contracting.  From expenses to VAT, it’s important to understand the Tax liabilities of running a limited company whilst also maximising your income.

  • The Inspirational Guide to Contracting

    Our spotlight partner SJD has produced an interactive e-book packed with insight and inspiration on why making the switch from permanent to contracting can open the doors of opportunity to a brighter career path. From facts and figures to how to start working for yourself, this has it all.

  • How to set up a limited company in 8 simple steps

    Setting up as a limited company is one of the most tax-efficient ways to operate a contracting business. Here’s how to get yours set up.

  • The easy guide to being a Sole Trader

    Recent government figures show that setting up as a sole trader is the most popular option for people starting a business, with almost 60% of entrepreneurs taking this route. But is it the best option for you? And what do you need to bear in mind when setting up?

  • The Easy guide to GDPR compliance for small businesses

    The way we collect and use people’s data online changed forever with the introduction of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in 2018. But what exactly does its implementation mean for small business and freelancers? We’ve put together this straightforward guide to answer your questions about GDPR compliance.

  • What are your workspace options as a freelancer or contractor?

    One of the many benefits of working as a freelancer or contractor is the ability to be flexible with your working environments. Today, thanks to the rise in digital communications, most contractors can now work anywhere that has a Wi-Fi connection and a mains supply.

  • Tips on staying organised as a freelancer or contractor

    Freelancing or contracting is a great career choice, but it can sometimes be hard to stay on top of everything. We’re here to help.

  • Developing your freelance business

    Are you looking to further develop your freelance business?  Our guide explores the next steps to increasing your earnings and business potential.

  • Starting your Small Business

    The biggest barrier to starting your small business can be knowing where to begin

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