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  • Rates of Pay for Freelance Copywriter

    When starting out as a freelance copywriter, one of the most important questions asked, is ‘How much do I charge for my services?’ and with so many factors to consider it can be quite a challenge to decide what the correct rate should be.

  • Becoming a Freelance Designer

    There are many types of designers specialising in areas such as graphics, fashion, jewellery and much more. Ultimately designers are extremely creative people who create tangible or intangible objects.

  • Finding Work as a Freelance Graphic Designer

    You may have previously been a permanent employee, doing the same mundane work and are in need of a new challenge, or you may have liked the idea of being your own boss so set off down the path of freelancing.

  • How to Become a Freelance Illustrator

    Many illustrators start off doing a little freelance work in their spare time whilst still holding onto a full time job.  There are numerous benefits to freelancing, for example the freedom and flexibility to work for as many different types of client as you like.

  • Creative

    Most creative professionals will have worked as a freelancer at some point. Whether you work part time or full time, there are a number of benefits to working as a creative freelancer. 

  • How to become a freelance hair stylist

    Hair stylists will be educated so that they can determine what hairstyle would suit their client best; this will involve face shape, colouring and their every day practical needs of their new hairstyle.

  • Finding Work as a Freelance Photographer

    We have no doubt that you can take top notch photographs, but that’s not all it takes to become a successful and high earning freelance photographer. You must make sure that you are the first person people think of should they need a photographer.

  • How to become a florist

    If you have a creative flair, eye for design and a love for flowers, running your own florist may just be the perfect business for you.

  • How to Become a Freelance Writer

    If you are in the early stages of wondering how to write for living, this article will help explain what a copywriter does and what opportunities are out there for you.

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