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  • Becoming a freelance entertainer

    Although many people assume that working in the entertainment industry means a life of glamour and excitement, the reality is a lot different. Only a very small percentage of those who entertain for a living will hit the heights of stardom, and for those who make a reasonable living there is a lot more to it that awards ceremonies and adoring fans.

  • How to become a Film Director

    A director is responsible for taking a written script and turning it into a creative piece of work and translating it onto screen for an audience to watch.

  • How to Become a Musician

    A musician can usually make their money either through performing, playing jingles, recordings and writing music for a client.  

  • How to Become an Actor

    An actor’s key task is to be able to convince their audience while playing their character – and they must be believable, otherwise they are NOT an actor!

  • How to become a singer

    A singer uses their voice and vocal skills, much like a musician, as an instrument to entertain and perform to an audience.  Singers must be able to interpret a piece of music, many can also write their own songs and play instruments. 

  • How to become a Freelance Events Planner

    Events planning is not just about planning a party here and there but it can also involve planning the most important events of someone life.

  • How to Become a Freelance Songwriter

    Songwriters can choose to work either on their own, or they can work as a team with one or more others.  Many songwriters can play one or more instruments and sing themselves; sometimes this is expected of them as it means they can be a lot more involved with the whole process of writing a song.

  • Becoming a freelance DJ

    Becoming a freelance DJ is not as hard as you think. There is always a high demand for a DJ whether it is for a party or a wedding or a school disco, it would not be a party without a DJ!

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