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Winning clients through social media:

Business communication has been revolutionised in recent years, first with the advent of email and more recently with the phenomenal growth of social networking sites. Social media includes a huge variety of websites that encourage interaction between different people and the different uses mean such sites can be anything from time-sapping distractions for whiling away the hours chatting with friends, to powerful tools for advertising your services and winning more clients.

The best known social networks are Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn and while LinkedIn has positioned itself as the go-to social network for business networking, both Facebook and Twitter can also be powerful resources for boosting your professional profile and winning new business.

Business is all about personal connections and interacting with others, skills which are essential if you are a freelancer who needs to find work from different clients in order to make a living. Think about where your potential clients spent their time as this is where you need to be. If you think your customers are reachable through Facebook, then setting up a Facebook page to make yourself visible could help you boost your sales. You may be targeting media savvy clients who spend a lot of time on Twitter, which is a great site for sharing little snippets of your expertise or helping out people you’ve never met before with advice. All of these things help establish a reputation for you, and a positive reputation can only help when trying to attract new custom.

Of course, LinkedIn is also a valuable tool for building business contacts but it is worth considering using other sites for your business activities, alongside maintaining an active profile on LinkedIn. There are other sites that may be particularly relevant to you too. Freelance photographers may win themselves new customers by posting their most impressive pictures on Pinterest or Instagram, while writers may show off their skills with a well thought out Tumblr blog.

The important thing is to use your time wisely on these sites and make sure you are getting value out of them, as it is easy to see your entire day sucked away online without even doing anything useful. Some people make the mistake of avoiding social media altogether because they think they don’t understand it, while others may sign up for the sake of it because they think they should, without thinking through which social network will be most effective for them and without learning how to really make the most of the opportunities they present.

According to latest figures, 18 per cent of all time spent online is spent on social networking sites, so they are certainly a key part of the online world and simply cannot be ignored. They are getting more popular every year and so you risk being left behind by competitors who are more savvy when it comes to making the most of these opportunities to gain extra exposure for your business and services.

If you would like to learn more about how social media can help you as a freelancer then read our simple guides to the three biggest social networks:


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