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  • Self employed guide to Social Media

    Social media can be a free tool for advertising and securing business if used well.  Where do you start when looking to build your social media presence as a small business?

  • Making the move from Self Employed to Limited

    Once you’ve made the decision to move from Self Employed to Limited, there are a number of processes to go through to ensure your business is recognised legally as a Limited Company.

  • Small Business Tax

    Understanding how to set up your business from a tax perspective can have huge benefits for the small business owner.

  • VAT and National Insurance

    As a Freelancer, it is important to understand how and when to pay your VAT and National Insurance contributions.

  • Choosing and registering a company name

    Choosing and registering your company name identifies you from your competitors.  But where do you begin when choosing your company name?  What are the implications and how do you register once the decision is made?

  • Is freelancing for me?

    Thinking of taking the leap from employment to Freelance?  Our guide explores the things to consider before making the decision to go Freelance.

  • LinkedIn for the Self Employed and Freelancers

    Using Linkedin to build relationships and business connections can have huge benefit to Self Employed workers.

  • Self employed guide to Facebook

    Facebook can provide business owners with a marketing vehicle; here’s how to utilise the social network to your advantage.

  • Advantages of becoming a Freelancer

    Thinking of taking the leap into Freelance?  Lets explore the advantages of making the move to self-employment.

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