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  • The Basics of VAT

    Working your way through Tax-jargon can be complex.  Our guide aims to simplify the process.

  • Limited company tax vs sole trader tax

    Tax implications could mean it is more beneficial for you to move from being classed as a Sole Trader to a Limited Company.

  • Do I need an accountant as a Freelancer?

    From saving you time to lowering your tax bill; you may find that having an Accountant pays for itself.

  • The Benefits of Freelancing as a Sole Trader

    How can becoming a freelancer work for you?  We explore the benefits of working for yourself.

  • Business start-up

    How do you know when you’re ready to set up your own business?  We explore the questions to ask and process to work though.

  • Sole Traders and IR35

    What is the IR35 and what does it mean for you? We explore the implications for Sole Traders.

  • Finding work as a small business or sole trader

    Building a customer base and securing an income are the key to success as a small business or sole trader.

  • Benefits of an Accountant

    Investing some of your hard-earned cash in an Accountancy service will ensure you are tax compliant, and could save you money too.

  • Expenses: what you can and cannot claim if you are self-employed

    Understanding what you can put through expenses can be confusing.  Our guide explains what can and cannot be claimed.

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