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  • How to become a singer

    A singer uses their voice and vocal skills, much like a musician, as an instrument to entertain and perform to an audience.  Singers must be able to interpret a piece of music, many can also write their own songs and play instruments. 

  • Finding Work as a Freelance Graphic Designer

    You may have previously been a permanent employee, doing the same mundane work and are in need of a new challenge, or you may have liked the idea of being your own boss so set off down the path of freelancing.

  • Guide to Choosing an Accountant

    Whether you class yourself as a sole trader, self employed, a freelancer or limited company, it makes sound financial sense to appoint a reliable accountant.

  • How to Become a Freelance Illustrator

    Many illustrators start off doing a little freelance work in their spare time whilst still holding onto a full time job.  There are numerous benefits to freelancing, for example the freedom and flexibility to work for as many different types of client as you like.

  • Creative

    Most creative professionals will have worked as a freelancer at some point. Whether you work part time or full time, there are a number of benefits to working as a creative freelancer. 

  • Completing Your Self Assessment Tax Returns for Electricians

    Making the decision to set up your own electrical business as a freelancer or a sole trader is quite a major step.  We know from experience that one of the main concerns which new business owners have is, “How will this life-changing decision affect my tax affairs?”

  • Becoming a Nanny

    Nannies have a very important job as they can sometimes be the person who brings up a child and teaches them right from wrong while their parents are working. It isn’t always just about looking after children, nannies can be asked to clean, cook and do the washing as well.

  • How to Become a Personal Trainer or Fitness Instructor

    Becoming a personal trainer or fitness instructor is hugely popular and a great many peoples aspiration – helping people to reach their fitness goals, whilst working in a sociable and healthy environment.

  • How to become a freelance hair stylist

    Hair stylists will be educated so that they can determine what hairstyle would suit their client best; this will involve face shape, colouring and their every day practical needs of their new hairstyle.

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