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At some point most people have used the service of a window cleaner. It is a key service that is used on a regular basis by millions of individuals and businesses.

Qualifications needed to become a window cleaner

There is no need for a qualification to become a window cleaner and the best way for someone to get into the trade would be to do an apprenticeship with a window cleaning firm. This is so you can learn the skills and gain some experience instead of going straight in at the deep end and trying to figure everything out by yourself.

Ideally you will need to have a driving licence so you can easily drive yourself from one job to another. Walking from job to job with a ladder and all your equipment could prove to be quite a challenge and limit where you can work.

Going Freelance

There is no denying setting up your business can seem daunting, but it’s actually far simpler than you may think and there are numerous benefits of running your own business as a window cleaner, which include:

  • Choosing the hours you would like to work
  • Being able to decide what clients and projects you take on
  • Being in control of the day to day running of the company
  • Higher rates of pay compared to being an employed window cleaner, this is because you can benefit from all profits made not just the salary you would have been paid in full time employment

If you would like a clearer idea of how much tax you would need to pay and how much your take home pay could be, please use our freelancer take home pay calculator.

Rates of pay

Deciding on how much to charge your customers for cleaning their windows can be difficult. It depends on the size of the building, how many windows there are and the size of the windows. As a rough guide, an average 4 bedroom property is around £20, however this can be as much as £50 depending upon where you live in the country.

Some examples of costing’s may be:

  • Normal ground floor window=£1.20
  • Difficult to reach window= £2.40
  • Powder coated window= £1.70
  • 1st floor window=£1.30
  • 2nd floor window=£1.50
  • 3rd floor window= £1.80

Finding Work as a Freelance Window Cleaner

The easiest way to find new work as a window cleaner is to do a leaflet drop. If you have just had a new development built in your area it may be an idea to start there. Many people may be new to the area and not know anybody yet, or may not have thought about finding a window cleaner.

It’s best to knock on everyone’s doors before posting in the flyer as you may be able to speak to someone and you never know, they may sign up to your service there and then. When first starting out and building a ’round’ you may need to start with low pricing and once your round is full start to increase existing customers prices and quote higher for new work until you reach your optimum price.

Also make sure you always upsell additional services such as cleaning the guttering or touching up paint work on window frames or ledges. Just make sure you don’t agree to too much painting work, as that is a whole other trade! If you are working your round running up to Christmas and you need some extra cash, you could also offer to put up peoples Christmas lights and then in January offer to take them down.

Just make sure whenever you hand out a flyer, a business card or any communication about your business, it includes; your full name, mobile number, home/office number and your address. It’s only fair if you know where they live, they know where you live. This should help you gain their trust as they are less likely to worry that you are a rogue trader and trust that you are an honest window cleaner.

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