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Not only can your take home pay be higher, but you’ll be able to have more creative control over your work and be your own boss. Working agency or client side can be restricting – with endless briefs and boundaries of what you can and can’t creatively put together.

By freelancing, you’ll be able to take on the clients you want. Freelance UK recently highlighted the need for creative freelancers in the SME market, as small companies need bespoke work done quickly and will tend to use the same freelancer for a number of jobs. Even better, they won’t have specific creative requirements, leaving you free to use ideas that may not be considered acceptable in agencies or when working for large multi-national organisations.

If you would like to become a freelancer you’ll need to be good at striking up conversation and coming up with ideas very quickly. According to Freelance UK, elite freelancers are those with a ‘gift for building strategic working relationships with key people at short notice’.

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