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Our First Time Freelancing guide offers you all the essential resources you need in one place. Feel at ease by visiting the below links to know the ins and outs of freelancing:

Advantages of becoming a Freelancer
More money, flexibility, reduced tax burden, more creative freedom-these are just some of the advantages of freelancing, there may even be a few advantages included that you didn’t know about.

Disadvantages of becoming a Freelancer
Nobody likes to talk about the downsides of freelancing, but in order to make you fully prepared its best to know them at the start.

Finding Freelance Work
How do you start looking for business on day one? This helpful guide will help point you in the right direction on where you can find work, how to make contacts and promoting yourself effectively.

Freelancing Part Time
This option may or may not be for you but many freelancer’s opt to ‘test the water’ by working in their spare time to start with, whilst also remaining in full time employment.

Self Employed VAT
VAT is complicated, here’s our simple and easy to read guide to understanding VAT.

Self Employed Expenses
Claiming back on expenses can help lower the tax a new freelancer pays, but not all items can be claimed on expenses, find here a full list of what you can and can not claim on expenses.

Freelancer Mortgages
Most freelancer’s have a profile that is enough to put-off most high street lenders. Contractor Mortgages Made Easy are your perfect mortgage partner and unlike other mortgage brokers, visitors to the Easy Accountancy website, will pay no service fee should they go with Contractor Mortgages Made Easy.


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