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The leading PR industry body describes Public Relations as being all about reputation – or, more specifically, “the result of what you do, what you say and what others say about you.” This is a great description and really sums up the PR industry well.

People often think of PR as being just about sending out press releases, but of course there is far more to it than that. It’s not just about writing a release in a way which encourages publications and news websites to pick up on it and publish it, it’s also about having the right contacts in the first place. In PR, more so than any other industry, it really is not about ‘what you know’ but ‘who you know’!

Many PR freelancers start off doing a little freelance work in their spare time whilst still holding onto a full time job. If you’re doing this or thinking of doing this it’s probably a good idea to have a chat with an accountant as there may be tax implications you should be considering and maybe also allowances you aren’t taking advantage of.

There are numerous benefits to freelancing, for example the freedom and flexibility to work for as many different types of client as you like as well as the obvious benefit of increasing your take home pay. In fact our freelancer take home pay calculator shows you how much you can expect to take home as a freelancer.

Having made the decision to give it a go, whether full or part time, and whether to set up as a sole trader or limited company, you’re going to need a wide range of tax and accountancy advice and support in the early days when setting up as a freelancer.

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