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Most web developers tend to work for web design agencies, although some other types of company will employ developers and programmers directly if they have a sufficient requirement. Somewhere along the way these web specialists almost always find themselves doing the odd ‘little project’ on the side for friends and family, and this can often head to a situation where they might think about freelancing for the first time, as an alternative to being employed.

But it’s also quite likely that you might end up with clients who are web design agencies – companies who typically employ web developers as well, but who might also need additional capacity or specialist skills from time to time.

The benefits of becoming a freelance web developer are easy to see. Not only do you get to choose your own working hours, and your own clients, but you also have the opportunity to earn far more than you might do as an employee, if you are prepared to put in the hours. In fact our freelancer take home pay calculator shows you how much you can expect to take home as a freelancer

But leaving the employed world can be a daunting prospect and so many web developers opt to try freelancing in their spare time and then move into full time freelancing further down the line when they are more sure of the business opportunity.If you’re doing this or thinking of doing this it’s probably a good idea to have a chat with an accountant as there may be tax implications you should be considering and maybe also allowances you aren’t taking advantage of.

Having made the decision to give it a go, whether full or part time and whether to set up as a sole trader or limited company, you’re going to need a wide range of tax and accountancy advice and support in the early days when setting up as a freelancer.You may like to read our pages on:

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