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Predominantly, when you are freelance, you’re able to work when and where you like with complete control over your work load. Most locum medical professionals work less hours (or if they choose to work more they get paid lots more) and manage to maximise the amount of money they take home, by paying less tax. Whether you set up your own practice or source freelance work through an agency, you can usually double the amount you earn.

One downside that can put off potential locum medical and health workers is the slight uncertainty of guaranteed work (which is mainly unfounded as most medical worker don’t have any trouble finding work, but it can often bear heavy on some peoples minds) and the increased administration that comes with a different working practice. The common perception being that the additional administration will be complicated and time consuming. In fact, it will take you roughly 10 – 15 minutes a month. An accountant can help you take care of your taxes and finances.

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